Turkey is a nation straddling eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Cosmopolitan Istanbul, on the Bosphorus Strait, is home to the iconic Hagia Sophia, with its soaring dome and Christian mosaics, the massive 17th-century Blue Mosque and the circa-1460 Topkapı Palace, former home of sultans. Ankara is Turkey’s modern capital.

Capital: Ankara

President: RecepTayyipErdoğan

Prime minister: BinaliYıldırım

Currency: Turkish lira

Population: 74.93 million (2013)

Advantages of Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has become a centre of attraction for economic and political aspects. Elements that bring out this situation are briefly as follows:


  •  Turkey’s economy is second only to China among the world’s fastest-growing economies.
  •  Turkey ranking among the G-20 countries draws a surging graph in the world politics as well as the economy.
  •  With a growing popularity, Turkey has impressive economic and political openings for the new emerging markets.
  •  From the countries in the region, there is a strong interest in the culture and lifestyle of Turkey.

Turkey has a unique strategic position at the crossroads of East and West which endows this country with nearly ten-thousand years of history. As part of Asia and part of Europe, Turkey has remarkably wide climatic and geographical variations. Due to its location, surrounded by seas on three sides, Turkey as always been the center of great trade, silk and spice routes. Today, even in the most inaccessible or isolated corners, one can easily feel and see the traces of different cultures. As Turkish landscape encompasses a vast variety of geographical zone, it has the combined characteristics of the three continents of the world: Europe, Africa and Asia.


  1. Ankara University
  2. Asian International College
  3. Blekent University
  4. EstambulSehir University
  5. Faith University
  6. Istambul Aydin University
  7. Kadir Has University
  8. Near east University
  9. Ozigeyn University
  10. Sakarya University
  11. The University of Turkish Aeronautical Association
  12. Yasar University



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